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Southern Charm Traditional Wear!

What does the South mean to you? Maybe it’s the unique culture, timeless history, or it’s friendly people? Or maybe it’s bbq’s, football, front porch’s, sweet tea, southern belles and good ‘ol boys? You may think of big trucks, back roads, hayfields, guitars and banjos. We think the South is all these things and so much more. The South always manages to find a way to stay away from the stress of the big city life and slow thing’s down. So, no matter how far away your travels take you, returning will bring you back to the lifestyle that you should live and the way life should be.

Southern Charm started with the plan to create a store for people who love the culture of the Southern Lifestyle and to find uncommon item’s that represents that culture. We set out to start a small family owned business that would allow the customer a rare shopping experience. In a world of factory store’s, giant corporate chain stores, and a “cold shoulder” approach to customer service, we wanted to take a step back instead of forward. We wanted to provide a personal touch to shopping; by treating you with the respect and service that used to be provided when all businesses were small family owned businesses.

Southern Charm is a store that when you walk in you feel at home. Instead of being surrounded by giant metal rack’s and shopping cart’s; you will find warm display’s, cute collection’s, and a “Hey, How Y’all Doing” attitude. Where when you ask a question we are actually listening and will work hard to help you find that perfect item. And if we can’t we will try to suggest another small business that can. We work hard to bring a unique collection of products to our store and provide them at the best price possible.

We thrive on customer interaction and host many events, specials, and giveaways throughout the year. We have a following of excellent customer’s both near and far who not only prefer to shop at Southern Charm but send there friend’s and relative’s to our store also. That is the biggest compliment we could ever receive!!

Along with a unique shopping experience at Southern Charm you can also get a exclusive clothing line that we started: Southern Charm Traditional Wear. Southern Charm Traditional Wear was inspired by all the thing’s that make the South so Charming and influenced by the people who live there. It is a line of classic look’s and traditional sayings. A look that say’s I love the Southern lifestyle and all that it stand’s for. At Southern Charm we do our best to make a product of the highest quality and package up a piece of that charm in a classic look you can take with you. Southern Charm is not just a clothing line…… it’s who we are!
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